Absorbent filter for the purification of oil-contaminated waste water in water-waste treatment plants

OILSORB absorbent filter is a vertically mounted filter element of flat or round cross-section, filled with a highly effective absorbent having the absorption capacity of 17kg of oil per 1kg of absorbent.

Filters are used after the gravitational separators of oil products and slime in filtering wells for the purification of storm water and other sewage contaminated by oil products at production sites, filling stations, car washes, bus parks, repair shops, etc.

Our technology makes it possible for us to produce filter elements of different cross-section and height, allowing to install them in cesspools of any size.

Filter elements are produced for two stages of purification.

The first stage includes filters with polypropylene and polyethylene filler intended for the detention of suspended particles. These filters work fine in oil traps that use so-called heavy fuel oil with a specific weight of about 1 and which is not always held on the water surface.

The second stage comprises a filter filled with OILSORB absorbent.

This filter is intended for the detention of oil products and chemicals dissolved in water.

Surface water and other sewage contaminated by oil products and chemicals, after having passed a complete purification according to the proposed scheme, are cleaned to the following concentrations:

  • for suspended substances up to 25 mg/l;
  • for oil products and chemical impurities up to 1-5 mg/l.

We offer the full spectrum of services to our customers:

  • equipment design;
  • filter installation;
  • supervision of operation;
  • filter replacement;
  • recycling of used filters.

The filter element is made of metal or super heavy plastic. By changing the filler, this allows to reuse the same housing of filter element, significantly reducing the cost of service and filter replacement.

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