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OILSORB - high-performance world level absorbent is used for liquidation of consequences of accidents with oil products on land and water, to remove oil stains from the surface of water, to protect banks, ports, open ditches, sewerage networks, electrical equipment and cables, for the protection of pumps, stop valves, draining-loading racks, tanks and so on from oil spills and chemicals.

OILSORB has a low density, is light and easy to use. Due to its high capillary capacity, absorption is quick and efficient (1 liter of absorbent absorbs 0.9 liters of oil). It is not toxic, does not contain toxic substances and is not harmful to the environment.

The versatility of the OILSORB absorbent is that it does not sink in water and does not absorb water, and can absorb chemical solutions after a certain treatment.
There are two ways of recycling:


After collecting the granules with oil in plastic bags they are burned in boilers, forming a small amount of ammonia vapor.

Squeezing and bury

Granules OILSORB are good squeezeble. After pressing by the press, 1.5% of petroleum products remain in the granules. According to European standards, it is allowed to store waste at the landfill with the content of oil products up to 2.0%. During the year, granules in the ground are biodegradable.

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