Oilsorb Dam

Catching point of oil products from waste water

It represents a section of the open surface of waste channel fitted with an adjustable dam for convenient application of OILSORB absorbent and absorbent booms, as well as for the subsequent collection of oil products soaked in them. Such a point can be fitted out on any sewage gutter or pipeline section having sewage containing oil products.

Point structure

The bridges [2 and 3] with railings [4] are installed over the deepened and widened waterway of the gutter [1] (see the figure). An adjustable partition is mounted on the bridge [2], from the side of the sewage flow. It consists of guides [5], a lifting plate [6] and lifts [7] with handles [8]. The baskets [9] for the bags filled with absorbent are mounted on the bridge [3], above the gutter. In front of the bridges, there is a platform [10] equipped for storing bags with collected absorbent soaked with oil products, in order to facilitate the manual collection and car entrance.

Sewage treatment

The lower edge of the plate [6] is set below the level of the sewage surface by means of lifts [7]. OILSORB absorbent is applied evenly to the sewage surface from the bridge [3]. The absorbent floats downstream to the plate [6] and is placed as a carpet across the gutter. Oil products are absorbed sequentially and with the flow from the sewage surface into the absorbent, which gets dark in doing so. After all the absorbent has darkened to a certain concentration, it is manually removed with a scoop net in polyethylene bags or by vacuum pump. When the used absorbent is collected, it is replaced with a new one.

The parameters of the catching point are determined by the concentration of oil products in the waste water and the optimum mode for the absorbent replacement. The operation of the catching point is controlled visually by monitoring the color of absorbent and immersion depth of the plate [6], but the installation of monitoring sensors transmitting signals to the control board is also possible.

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